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Who said that the Amiga you are cut off from the rest of the computing world? With Amiga you can read and write almost anything that practically can not be read and write the other computers as long as you know how.

How would you feel, for example, if you could see the disks from your PC directly to Workbench and  normally start reading and writing data??? Sounds tempting and very useful especially if you need to get  back-up data from the Amiga which is not equipped with USB ports that accept external storage devices. The whole thing is quite simple to implement. The machine used in the following instructions was an Amiga 12030 with 16MB RAM, AmigaOS 3.9 and with EasyNet from AmigaKit installed. The system is equipped with an EtherLink III PCMCIA card to tumble to a network.

Step 1: Open the Easy Net and choose the Hosts Manager.

Step 2: From the Hosts Manager choose Add Host, put the IP of your PC in the first field and complete the fields Host Name and Alias ​​Name to the name that we give to our PC from its own properties (right click My Computer / The My Computer and then select Properites / properties).

Step 3: Back to Hosts Manager by choosing Connect To .. define one, one of the PC disk we want to see in the Miggie, specifies the name of the disk just as we have defined through the sharing option Usage / Share from the menu of PC disk that appears by right-clicking. We also define the name of the virtual network that makes the PC if we Share discs. We also give the username and password that we have defined that connect to the PC. Define the data from the properties of the virtual network in our PC.

It also states that want the Easy Net to connect with this disc automatically upon each start-option Autoconnect Online-.

This procedure do-as mentioned-above separately for each disc-. Once you finish with each disc finalize  by clicking Connect.

Step 4: You must make sure the PC properly defines the sharing of disks with username and password. This is made of the properties of each disk and is optional although ultimately needs to work properly share.

Also be very carefull to properly define:

1. The Amiga’s IP
Two. The NetWork Mask IP
Three. The Gateway IP

Those from the Menu Config Network of Easy Net.

Finally back from the Hosts Manager is essential to try to do a Ping to the PC to see if it sends and receives data.

Note: If the PC has Windows Vista installed it does not work, at least with the Home edition that make lock sharing of disks. Problem supposedly corrected in Windows Vista Ultimate but I have not tried it yet.

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Originally posted by “Countraven” on around 2009 but still usefull!!!!


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