Retroplanet Magazine is a reality at last!!

Hi, its been a while but we have been extremely busy setting up our Retroplanet printed Magazine. Everything paid off at the end. I have the printed edition in my hands and we celebrated this “small” but important success with tens of beers in a restaurant of Athens. The vibe is great, and so far the response is even greater. The supply of only 100 editions proved to be small compared to the emails we were getting for every retro community in Greece.  Now we are planning hard for the second edition due to be released around Christmas. We are also planning greater things, we will probably move this blog to a new domain or even merge it with the new Retroplanet Magazine web site (under construction). There are also thoughts of getting a mobile presence for the magazine, and many more which derived from our little brainstorming session !! Until next time we will direct you to the first link on with some raw pictures of our members Cool_AmigaN and Dony with the printed edition!


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