Watch your videos on YouTube through TubeXX

“By Countraven, May 2009”

It is known that there is still no support for Flash Browsing for the Amiga so we can not see a video on YouTube. But this should not worry you since there is the TubeXX program with which you can see all your favourite YouTube videos!

Below is a small guide to install and use the program. At this stage, we used the version for the platform MorphOS but there is a corresponding version for Amiga OS4.

In the first instance you need to download and install some additional scripts that are necessary for the proper functioning of TubeXX, and then you have to install the  TubeXX-. -To install all of these programs  do it by simply copying them to the destination folder, or use the install script and reasonably it will not do you any harm.

Note for MorphOS users: After installing TubeXX in MorphOS 2.x-, to work properly you must have put in your system the 68k version of rexxsyslib.library. The file MorphOS / libs-MOSSYS/libs- or rename the existing example in rexxsyslib_MOS.library-and-copy version of the 68k-(logically you will have a classic Amiga-.)

Then run the program for the first time. The only thing you have to look at this stage is to properly define the folders of every program in the control panel of TubeXX which displays the first time you run it, but you can go there at any time, and  make any changes .

Here you see the Control Panel Programme TubeXX-tab where you configure the routes.

Here we show some videos of Whitesnake by searching the relevant keyword-field search-, beside each video by selecting intro we can see it, with the option to download it down in our record, while selecting mail you can send it by email, the choice “stop” is obvious what it does.

Programs will need to download:

Download the latest version:

Download TubeXX

Also outside the main program, you must download and install a sub, including MPlayer. So download them from the following links:

Download MPlayer 1.0 (2009.03.21) with Altivec Support (Note that you need and MenCoder which is already in this archive)

Download RXMUI 42.7
Download GRep 2.5
Download WGet 1.9.1
Download HTTP Resume 1.9

Download XSLTProc

Custom MUI Classes:

Download BetterBalance 11.2

Download HTMLView 13.1

Download TheBar 26.2

Download URLText


Originally posted by “Countraven” in May 2009


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