Amiga Classic 68K/PPC Alternative Operating Systems

Hello fellow Amiga Fans!!!

This post, firstly appeared as an  old effort from our small Amiga Community (from the days of  to gather and monitor (if possible) the operating systems universe that are installable at Amiga Classic 68k/PPC systems, apart of course from all classic workbench editions and AmigaOS 3.9.

The main parent categories we found as applicable are that of Linux , Unix-like, BSD’, RTOS, Other and Abandoned operating systems.

The list was originally constructed in the year 2008 and only recently we decided to do a major update because much of the information could probably be obsolete! The next step is to gather and post installation instruction from our various members who happened to have installed some of those operating systems. Here is the list with the relevant download links, where available:

Debian 2.0 Debian Project
Gentoo Gentoo Foundation PPC
APUS 2.4.20 Community PPC
CAOS CaOS Faoundation 68k
PPc boot 2.0 Community PPC
Red Hat 5.1 68k
X-Amiga 68k / Emulation
Linux PowerPC 2000

NetBSD 3.1 NetBSD Foundation 68k
OpenBSD 3.2 OpenBSD Foundation 68k


OS9 Microware 68k

PowerOS UnderDevelopment 68k/PPC


Amix Commodore 68k
Minix 1.5.10 Prentice Hall Inc 68k … minix.html

MorphOS 1.4.5 MorphosTeam PPC
AROS Aros Team PPC
Ecos 68K Coldfire / PPC
WarpOs 0.94.2 PPC
Crux Community PPC

Abandonware Oses
TRIPOS Cambridge University – Commodore 68k
FusionPPC 3.2
Neutrino QNX Software Systems
Tzimmos 68k/PPC
Screes Mematex Sweden 68k/PPC

That’s about it, we believe, bur if anyone knows more OS’s and would like to contribute to the list or if anything of the list doesn’t really apply please , feel free to send the info, and we would be extremely happy, to hear your suggestions! You can tweet us or you can post to the blog, or any other way you like to communicate with us.


ps: original amigaplanet forum  thread:



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