The most incomprehensible and difficult games on Amiga

This thread was started by “Npanag” on the 4th of June 2013

Original thread:

Well, i was inspired by a youtube video and decide to share my views and childhood experiences with a number of games that i played on my Amiga 500 but never quite understood them or i was frustrated with their maniac difficulty!

The leader pf all incomprehensible games on Amiga is – without any competition – the legendary Captain Blood!!!  I can trully say that even after twenty or more yaers i cannot tell with certainty what was the scope of the game and the meaning… what the hell was this game about?? I cannot answer even today. But as “Nikos_Rizos” one of our members said ” for some unexplained reason this game was totally connected with the Amiga feeling of the era”

The list continues with a (for many) beloved games of that period, named Populous. I am sorry to disappoint you but perhaps my 11 or 12 years of age were not enough to make me understand what i had to do and how to do it in this game. I have to also consider the fact that i was lacking the manual 🙂 . I thought it was so incomprehensible that moved on to Point & Click Adventures for the rest of my “Amiga Life”.

Our memeber “Cool_AmigaN” also reminded us of other God Like games as Utopia which shared the same difficulties

The next game as a game i hated at those days. Many loved it and certainly it paved the way for games like GTA and open-world types to become mainstream at least ten years later! It was called Midwinter and i could not find what was this game about!!!!

The thread continues with the relentlessly difficult game: Life & Death. Oh my God.. Could it be more difficult and unfriendly? Why on earth should i learn to operate a human brain? I was just a kid…

I also found extreme difficulty in playing Chrono Quest. That was no good game i realize now.

Cool_AmigaN posted his idea of incomprehensible game, Hostages! Yeah no one knew what to do, even who were the hostages, who to shoot and how to progress the game! Who the hell did the following longplay???

Next to our list come two of the late text adventures by Magnetic Scrolls, Fish and Pawn. There is no way someone can convince me that, especially, Fish was playable! No way!! I could not get 4 or 5 screens away and certainly did not up o today understand what was it about. As hard as i tried, could not find a long-play video on youtube!

Next we have to two in the same bag. They were not incomprehensible but also not playable!! The legendary Personal Nightmare and Elvira Mistress of the Dark! OMG, could this be harder? Please it was just a game and i should not have to remember every possible ingredient in every possible potion i had to use! Mercy!

The next almost unplayable game comes from our member “Maletoth” and is the Waxworks. Of course as we explore this type of games i must also add, Obitus (have mercy all this forest, and believe me i tried to play that!) and of course the kings of never ending nightmare: Captive and Liberation!!






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