Amigaplanet Blog is Alive

Hello World!

The AmigaPlanet Manifesto

We thought it over and over again and decide to enhance communication with all the Amiga Community by creating a simple blog to share the most important and “juicy” threads of out forum in the form of blog-posts or articles or simply copy-paste procedure 🙂

Whenever something worth-noting happened at the Greek Amiga community or a good thread pops out in our forum we had to tweet the event with a hideous “Greek only” declaration! We got tired of it and agreed to dedicate some of our time to create posts in English language, expand our horizons and reach out to our non-greek friends and followers.

This is just the beginning. We are also planning to post news, info and previews of our upcoming RetroPlanet magazine, but this is a future story…

Posted by “npanag”

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